the causes and symptoms of prostate cancer

the causes and symptoms of prostate cancer -, The prostate is a gland located below the bladder in men. The main function of the prostate is to produce fluid that protects and deliver sperm.

Prostate often enlarges gradually after the age of 50 years. At age 70 years, 80% of men have an enlarged prostate. Many older men who are having problems urinating due to prostate enlargement (non-cancerous). In some men, this enlargement was followed by the growth of cancer.

the causes and symptoms of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer occurs when cells of the prostate grow faster than normal conditions to form lumps or tumors that have a malignancy. The most common cancer in men, especially those aged over 65 years.

As with other cancers, the cause of prostate cancer is unknown. Here are some factors that increase the risk of these cancers:

    Age. Most cases occur in older men.
    Family history and heredity. If your father or brother of prostate cancer at a relatively young age (under 60), the higher your risk. Also if your sister breast cancer.
    Tribes. Asian men have a lower risk than men black or white.
    Exposure to cadmium metal


The growth of prostate cancer is often very slow, can not cause symptoms for many years. With the enlargement of cancer, complaints began to arise because of the pressure on the urethra to cause irritation or block the flow of urine. The symptoms include:

  1.     The urine is not smooth. Weak urine stream and took longer to complete the piss.
  2.     Delay. You may have to wait a while on the toilet until the urine begins to flow.
  3.     Droplets. Little urine may drip and stain your underwear shortly after you finished urinating in the toilet.
  4.     Frequency. You urinate more often than usual.
  5.     Urgency. You feel very 'dying' piss suddenly.
  6.     Less complete. Piss you feel you do not really complete.

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